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Chasing Quantum Advantage at Light Speed

Nov 15, 202014 min readQuantumInformation, QuantumComputation, QuantumOptics
The beauty and importance of light in everyday life are clear to everyone, literally under our eyes. Not surprisingly, then, the same is true also in science, where light has always played a central…

Gravitational Waves - An Invitation

Sep 5, 20209 min readScience, Gravitational-Waves, Gravity
Gravitational Waves. An Invitation Albert Einstein originally predicted the existence of gravitational waves in 1916, on the basis of his theory of general relativity. General relativity interprets…

The Last Frontier

Aug 30, 20209 min readCosmology, Physics, QuantumGravity
Introduction In 1967 Bryce DeWitt published his famous trilogy on quantum gravity. " Quantum Theory of Gravity. I. The Canonical Theory " was the title of his first paper discussing the canonical…

General Relativity as a Field Theory

Jul 28, 20207 min readScience, Physics, Gravity
In this post, I'll try to explain an alternative route to the famous Einstein Field Equations (EFE) through the principle of least action. All our fundamental theories of physics are described by…

Hello World!

Jul 24, 20203 min readWeb Dev, JS, Design
Hi, How Are You? Welcome to my new blog! Gone is my former WordPress site. This is the first post on a new site I created myself. It's JavaScript from head to heel using the amazing site generator…
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